South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Section for preschool age and primary grades children

Section 0-4 consists of a subscription for readers of school classes and a reading room.

The reading room of preschool age is decorated with book exhibitions, which are regularly updated.

In section for 0-4 grades there is a multi-colored card file: "What should we read?" Thealphabeticalcatalogof "fiction".

Readers have a great opportunity to use Kazakh and Russian periodicals. In great demand are Kazakhstan periodicals: Family and Kindergarten, A Kid, Pure Source, Child Upbringing, Tom and Jerry, Murzilka, Prostokvashino, Friendly boys, etc.

During the year, mass events are held regularly with children on various topics and on significant dates.

In section, the game "Field of Miracles" is widely used for all events.

For readers of 0-4 grades in reading room, to increase the interest of children to fiction, there is a club “Balapan”, to educate young readers reading culture, to study the culture of speech, for the purpose of teaching reading there is a club “The Young Reader”.

In kindergartens No. 3 Dinara, No. 65 Balbulak, Aigerim, Zhadyra and in Kazakh intellectual school Baiterek, there are permanent points of issue of the department's books. Nomadic activities are regularly held at the book-issuing points.

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