South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Ybyray Altynsarin

Ybyray Altynsarin was born on October 20, 1841 in Zatobolsk district, Kostanay region and died July 30, 1889. Altynsary’s father died early, he grew up with Grandfather Balgozha. Y. Altynsarin learned Muslim literacy and learned writing from village mullah. In 1850 entered the Kazakh-Russian school in Orenburg. The lessons were conducted in Russian and Tatar. Initiative and talented Ybyray Altynsarin graduated with honors from school in 1857. After graduation, Altynsarin aspired to shed light of knowledge and enlighten his people. Explaining the value of education and awakening people's zeal for knowledge, he taught his first students at home.

Encouraging Kazakh people to education and culture, the first Kazakh teacher, educator, democrat scientist, poet and writer who made a huge contribution to public education, considering that the book is main source of knowledge and upbringing of Kazakh children, he wrote "Kazakh Christomaty", with content which is comprehendible to children, and with interesting and familiar topic.

Ybyray Altynsarin left a big mark in the history of Kazakh people enlightenment and in formation of national school.

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