South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


2007 -Abai Kunanbayev "words of edification"

The action of republican scale filled with spiritual values under the name "One country-One Book" was held.

In order to increase interest in books in society, an action was organized jointly organized from 24 to 30 September.

In this regard, organized brainstorming called "The Queen of Mastery-words of edification" among pupils of grades 7-11 of city schools No. 7, 15, 65, 69 was held in heated discussion.

The literary-musical composition "The sleeping heart will wake up the song", the contest of expressive reading, "Read Abai, and be marveled", the hour of the poetry “Rereading Abai every time for the first time pleased (impressed) the audience.

Participants of stage presentation "Golden autumn (Altinkuz)", "Autumn-beauty" told about the beauty of nature described in the works of great poet. ? Pupils of schools No. 7 and No. 20 read Abay's works about the seasons. They made a lot of songs and kues (Kazakh traditional melody). The retro-premiere of “The erudition is the indicator of upbringing” was dedicated to words of the poet's edification.

Among the selected adventures of M.Auezov under the name "Difficult times " events were held to promote and glorify him in all the children's libraries in the region.

Under the action, literary hours and discussion evenings were held in Kentau, Tolebi, Arys, in Sairam children's district library on themes "Well-known M.Auezov", "Eternal memory of writer ", "The greatness of M.Auezov's talent".

Organized in the Otyrar children's district library, the evening of a literary discussion entitled "Difficult times is a lesson", in which readers of the 9th grade and teachers of history and literature actively participated.

According to the program next events:


1. Try to beequal to great–Literary - information memorable memory.

2. «Talent. Destiny. Derivative» – Literary composition


3. «Difficult times is a lesson» - аLiterary discussion was conducted


The exhibition was and a review was made according to the theme.

A large-scale discussion evening was held "At the height of taste is historical composition" among city schools. The invited specialists of evening, by means of questions and answers, discussed with participants the adventure of "Difficult times", explaining its significance and relevance.


Conducted by the organization of children's departments in the city, this event was a significant event in life of the city.


The general action "One nation- one book" was also widely celebrated by representatives of the fourth power.



2009 – M. Zhumabaev “Soul words”

On the initiative of Republican Organizing Committee in 2009, the book of the Prophet of Kazakh Poetry Magzhan Zhumabayev "Soul words " was chosen for "One nation- one book".

This event took an active position among all regional children's libraries of the region. The thematic digest folder "If the poet dies his poems will exist", star-bearing treasure "A talent with difficult life" is the eternal heritage of Magzhan.

The expanded exhibition "The Poetic Word of Magzhan", the poetic hour "I am proud by Magzhan", "I am proud by Magzhan" and many other events were organized in Arys, Otyrar, Turkestan, Sairam, as well as in the regional children's library and district children's library. (RCL)

In the Sozak RCL an information exhibition was prepared on the theme "Kazakh nation had a poet whose name was Magzhan".


The purpose of exhibition is to promote the poet's works to young readers, to increase their love of poetry

At exhibition, along with the works of Magzhan Zhumabayev, periodicals were exhibited.

According to M.Zhumabaev's book "Soul words ", an evening of poetry was titled "Knowledge of Magzhan is a Kazakh world ".

After conducting a book exhibition according to topic, readers expressed their views in a specially organized post "After reading I express my opinion".

  The evening was finished with songs (poem) of pupils of 7-9 grades " You are beautiful", "Love you".

In Tolebi RCL, a literary evening-portrait was held on the theme "I trust young people".

The participants of the evening were librarians, school teachers and young readers.

In the course of the evening, Magzhan's poems of a patriotic orientation were extensively touched upon.

 The event attracted 57 readers.

  The evening called "Poet who loves his nation", organized by Baidibek RCL, was also sent to works of Zhumabayev of patriotic character.

A specially invited literature teacher shared his research in the field of Magzhan-introduction.

Soloists of the regional house of culture sang songs of Magzhan Zhumabayev, showed scene of the passage from poem "Batyr Bayan".




2010 - Zh. Moldagaliev "I Am Kazakh"

The opening ceremony of the action "One nation- one book", organized at the republican level, took place on September 24.

The poem ofZh.Moldagaliev "I am Kazakh" selected by action was the basis of the event.

The event was attended by pupils of 7th to 8th grades of the city school No. 18, 29, also students of S.Rakhimov Military School, students of City Center for Children and Adolescents.

During the event, history of the creation and purpose of the action was described, and information was also provided on the biography and work of akyn Moldagaliyev, who became 90.

Students of military school named after S. Rakhimov, after reading a fragment of the poem, showed a video clip of modern singer Erbolat for song "I am Kazakh", the words of which were written by Zhuban Moldagaliyev.

 And the students of city center of children and adolescentsperformed a song from the creativity of akyn and performed the patriotic song "Volga and Ural (Edil men Zhayik)", dedicated to the motherland of akyn.

     Under the theme, an expanded book exhibition was organized in which were materials on the creativity and life of akyn, entitled “I am Kazakh, who died thousand times and revived thousand times” exhibited.


2011 – Zh. Aymauytov «Akbilek»

 This year, for the action "One nation one book", the novel "Akbilek", written by Alasha's priceless descendant Zhusipbek Aymauytov, was chosen.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Zhusupbek Aimauytov, who wrote the works in all genres of national literature, who is a writer, playwright, translator, critic and publicist Zhusupbek Aimauytov, occupies a special place.

Writing works of a diverse genre, he contributed to the emergence of Kazakh literature to a new level.

Activities were held to promote the novel "Akbilek" of Zh. Aimauytov.


Were conducted: a literary evening called“Master- writer of the time”, the hour of poetry “Teaching- the desire for knowledge, Love-the desire for feelings”, the literary portrait “Beyond the time of his novel”, the evening of discussion “Image of women’ inequality is Akbilek”, creative evening “The master- writer of his time”


2012 – О. Bokei  «Where are you, my bald foal»

In 2012, the republican action "One nation one book" stopped its choice on Oralkhan Bokei's book “Where are you, my bald foal”.

In connection with this, an event was organized in the library called "The writer who entered the literature with his own style ".

During the event, a slideshow entitled "Ascent writer of Ascent Altai" was presented, with the participation of pupils of school №44, 60 the characters of story "Where are you, my bald foal". The readers shared their opinion and thoughts about the writer's work.


The purpose of event: to bring to readers about life, a deep understanding of creativity of Oralhan Bokei, the content of the story «Where are you, my bald foal».

Having determined the idea of theme of the given work, having analyzed the characters, having shared thoughts and opinion about creativity, to develop the creative abilities of the readers.


Having acquainted with work of the writer, the education of students to true friendship, morality, respect to the elders.



2013 – F. Ongarsynova«A measure»

On March 7, in the library in honor of action "One nation one book", a book exhibition was organized under the title "Verse, I'll treat you gently!".


Purpose: to increase interest in reading the lyric poem "Measure" by Fariza Ongarsynova to the audience of readers for general reading, to acquaint them with the biography and creative way, to increase interest in reading books.

At the exhibition were presented a lot of works, paintings, periodicals and biography of F.Ongarsynova.


2014- SaiynMuratbekov "Wormwood smell"

On April 24, a literary evening was held in library for the action "One nation one book", entitled "Stately individual is an owner of secret words" based on work of S. Muratbekov "Wormwood smell".


The purpose: acquaintance of readers with the work of prominent Kazakh writer S. Muratbekov. Muratbekov's works allow to bring up the younger generation to courage, to patriotism, morality, to friendship. Propaganda to the readers of the story of writer "Wormwood smell".

The event was attended by pupils of 6th grade of school № 50 named after A. Baitursynov and students of 6th grade of school - Lyceum No. 7 named after K.Spatayev.


Librarian Azimbekova told about the action "One nation one book", she told our active readers about the life and work of the writer.

A slide review entitled "Everyone belongs to steppe" was made.

Active participants of our library showed the scene "Wormwood smell ".

The pupils answered the situational questions “Mind shaker”, and the quiz questions "Think and find". A review was conducted for the book exhibition “Literature is the wisdom of the world”.



2015 -  IlyasEsenberlin«Nomads»

     On the republican action "One nation one book" of 2015, the trilogy "Nomads" was chosen, which is written by the well-known Kazakh writer, laureate of award of the State Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic Ilyas Esenberlin.

In regard with this, the library organized an expanded book exhibition titled Leader of historical works; a folder named Herat of Kazakh Khanate was created.

One such event was dedicated to Esenberlin's work, where a conversation was held among the readers on topic "Sword of the precious word".

 During the event, the centuries-old history of Kazakh people was eloquently described, videos about the writings of writers who contributed incommensurably to Kazakh literature and culture, as well as a fragment of film "Nomads" were shown.

 In turn, our readers exchanged views on action "One nation one book", about the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, about I.Esenberlin's book "Nomads".


2016 -  Works of Dulat Babatayli

   At the republican action "One nation one book" in 2016, the choice was stopped on the art of famous akyn Dulat Babatayli.

In this connection, "Attention! "One nation one book" actions-2016visual urgent information, exhibition-engagement “A great singer of the nation”, memo “Listen the poetry of Dulat, methodical and bibliographic manual “A key to clear poetry”, thematic folder “We will read it with all world!” were organized in the library.


The events will continue until the end of the year, with the aim of promoting the works of Dulat Babatayli.


2017 -  Works of SultanmahmutToraigyrov


By the decision of the Committee of the organization of republican action "One nation one book", which included the heads of libraries in Kazakhstan and the results of questionnaire among book lovers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2017 the works of a famous poet for general reading of the history of Kazakh literature, an outstanding personality of the XIX century SultanmahmutToraigyrov.

On March 14, in the library under the action "One nation one book ", the hour of cognition No. 8 under the name "Under the flag of nation, we wouldn’t go out until the sun goes out" was held with the participation of pupils of grades 5-9 of the 50th school.

The event began with the dedication of the poem to author, a video was shown from history of life on the theme "Name of poet in the memory of people". Along with them was performed a literary composition “Is it possible to say that he is dead, think, if he left a mark before his death”, a video about the history of the song "To one human" was shown.

Our active readers, having performed a syllable "coquette girl", answered quiz questions about the life and work of Toraigyrov.

At the end of the event, an exhibition-engagement was organized “I’m Kazakh, and I'm proud of it, I take the motto under the sky".

2018 - Works of Shakarim Kudaiberdiev

     This year, three books were selected on the national campaign "One Country - One Book - 2018". They are Shakarim Kudaiberdiev's works, Nemat Kelimbetov's "I do not want to lose hope" and Bauyrzhan Momyshuly's "Flying nest" books. In this regard, the library hosted informative hours dedicated to Nemat Kelimbetov, "Spirit of Honor", literary evenings "Shakarim Peak", "Flying Nest", "The Hero of the Generation", and the methodical bibliographical tool "The Stars of the Kazakh Literature" .

2019 - The novel of Abish Kekilbayev "The end of the legend"

In the regional children's library named after I. Altynsarin, within the framework of the action "One Country - One Book" will be held an event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Hero of Labor, the People's Writer of Kazakhstan, the State Prize winner of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the classic of the Kazakh literature, outstanding statesman and public figure Abish Kekilbayev. The event was held with the participation of Kazakhstani Baiterek Intellectual School and pupils of secondary school №39. The presentation of the life and works of the writer, public figure Abish Kekilbayev, the invitation to read the novel "The end of the legend", the idea of ​​reading through the works, inviting to peace, search, friendship, respect and kindness. During the event there was a presentation of "Abish-aga, Abyz Aga" and interviews with him about the life and creative work of the writer, the book exhibition of the writer's book "The Gospel of the Wizard". During the event, our readers performed literary compositions from Abish Kekilbayev's poems and presented their comments on the content of this novel, showing an excerpt from the novel "The End of the Legend". Our readers got acquainted with the works of the writer in the "One Country - One Book" campaign, expressed their readiness to read, learned and read and actively responded to the questions about the writer. At the end of the event our active readers were awarded letters of thanks.

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