South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Catalog and file system


When you go into the library, you see only the books in the open shelves that stand before you. And you know that there are so many books in the storage department of books?!. Millions! And how can you find the book you need from the sea of ​​books? To solve the secret of this treasure, you need to learn how to use catalogs and card files.

For the disclosure of the essence of the book fund, well-organized systems of catalogs and card files operate, which serve as a search and selection device.

The library has a main alphabetical catalog - all the publications that are in the library are shown there. For readers, alphabetic and system catalogs are maintained.

With the help of catalogs you can familiarize yourself with all library books remotely, for this you do not need to go to the bookshelf. Such agility will help you always. In the library, all books are grouped according to the system order, and in the internal department they are collected strictly in alphabetical order. Card and electronic catalogs show the entire library book collection: books, sound recordings, transparencies, filmstrips, videotapes, electronic publications.

For convenience of reuse, the fund offers alphabetic and system catalogs. Using alphabetical catalogs is very convenient, for this you only need to know the full name of the author and the title of the article. (Not only one author)

System catalogs and filing cabinets - the system of universal sorting are made according to the library - bibliographic sorting. Science and all movement, phenomenon, different themes have their own codes. To find the book you need to know its code. For example: the figure 84 in the catalog card - indicates that the book belongs to fiction; 5 kaz - Kazakh literature; D 79 - author's sign. Each book has its own application.

There, the librarian writes information about when and to whom this book is given. In the library, the reader can use the electronic catalog.



Electronic catalog of the library


The electronic catalog of the library has been formed since 2004, there all the information about the editions received in the library fund (books, periodicals, different information about documents in electronic media) is indicated there.

The search service in the electronic catalog is carried out with the help of the author of the literature, title, year of publication, publishing house, subject matter, keyword.

Search algorithm in the electronic catalog

1. Introduction of the request

In the «Request» field, enter the query (subject, subject, search object ...).

1. The choice of the catalog

Click the «All directories» link. By clicking the «Select directory» link, you can select the desired sections (mark the corner of the desired section).

1. Selecting dictionaries

Click the link «All dictionaries». By clicking the link «Selecting dictionaries» you can select the desired sections (mark the corner of the desired section).

1. Search

After selecting the desired section, click the link «Save query». If you click the «Find» link, a window will appear with a list of documents on request.


Request for publications found in the electronic catalog is carried out in the hall of the library.


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