South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


"The road to childhood with a book"

developmentproject of reading



The motto of the project: We read together! We always read! We read anywhere!

    Objective: Attracting rural readers to reading books, creating a circle (community) among books read much, drawing readers' attention to the book, giving an idea of the place of book in the life of a person, upbringing a cultural, intellectual, spiritually deep-thinking, ????, hard-working generation, inclusion the feeling of love and respect for books, familiarizing the readers with new books and authors. Create the atmosphere of a good, spiritual, information, cognitive center for children in the library.


Revival of the traditions of reading, to explain that reading is a powerful factor in the development of personality;

To show a joint effort of parents and society to the problem of reading books.

Through reading books, to promote the development of children's free thinking, oratory and broadening of outlook.

Changing the attitude of children to books and reading, to explain that reading is an effective and useful form of leisure;

Increase the number of visitors to the children's library;

Increase the number of activities aimed at developing the ability of children to read, which are held in the children's library.


The main mission of the project is to teach children to read more books, teach them how to choose the right books, create discussions with each other.


         Актуальность темы:К сожалению, в настоящее время уменьшился интерес детей к самостоятельному чтению.Появилось ??? по отношению к литетратуре.Поэтому в настоящее время актуально активизировать и привлечь к чтению книг детей, по средством ограничения времени на телевидение, компьютер, сотовые телефоны.


Actuality of the topic: Unfortunately, at present the interest of children in independent reading has decreased.Appeared ???in relation to the literature. Therefore, it is now relevant to activate and involve children in reading books, through time restriction on television, computers, cellular telephones.


 In our country all possibilities have been created for upbringing  an educated and conscious generation. In each region there are children's libraries. In accordance with this project, in order to teach children to spend free time to reading books, oblast children's library plans to cooperate with raion, rural children's libraries.    

Therefore, necessary to make a tradition various competitions held among children, who love books. The book is a passenger of mankind from ancient times, a companion, a wise teacher, the best friend, a witness of real history. To talk about the need to preserve spiritual values from generation to generation, to increase children's love for books, to acquaint with the library's book fund, to promote library trips (excursions) in order to attract children to reading books.

And also by means of fairy tales characterizing a life, customs, traditions, customs and norms of our ancestors to carry out travel to the country of fairy tales together with children.

At present, the young generation is being introduced to reading in (on, through) various activities with the help of  drawing and games to increase the child's interest in the book, that is, various activities for children are expected.


Justification???: The decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "100 concrete steps" is to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan into the thirty developed states to implement the plan,bring upan educated and skillful patriot of his nation, and encourage readers to respect books, increase their interest in books and stimulate reading of fiction.


Methods of project implementation:

-conducting competitions and actions

-training of literary evenings, meetingevenings

-organization of book exhibitions

-creation of information corner

-organization of meetings with book lovers

-presentation of pupils’  creativity???


Within the framework of project, the library plans to continue  all activities, prepare video materials, photos, drawings on time and publish on the library's website, in Facebook.

project implementation period: 2016-2017

Venue: raion children's libraries, parks, playgrounds, etc.

Expected outcomes: A library for children of any age is an open, kind, attractive, special place. Libraries arean information and cultural center for meetings of children with each other, interesting personalities, the following results are expected:

-Advertising the library business among a larger circle of readers, increasing the number of readers

-Improving the children's incentive to read

-Increase(improve) the taste of readers through domestic modern, Russian, foreign books

- Development of public initiatives (beginnings), involving children in them as volunteers.

-Family participation

- Establish close relations with readers

- Attracting new readers to the library

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