South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

The rules of the project "Technology of formation of the children's library book fund"


General rules


Theproject«Technology of formation of the children's library book fund»

will be carried out according to the plan of oblast children's library named after Y. Altynsarin.


The organizers of project are the department for collecting documents, processing and organizing the  catalogs.

1.3  This Regulation determines the order of organization and conduction of the project.


The project objective

    2.1 To send readers of the raion, city central children's library in accordance with their needs for the technology of book fund formation.

3. Project Tasks

Ways of formation of the fund:

3.1    Integration of funds(collection of documents to fund)

3.2  Cleaning from worn-out  funds, needless doublets , non-core literature.

 3.3  Organizationoffund (Reception of documents entering the library, registration and technical processing)

3.4   Distribution of the fund to relevant subdivisions, placing of books on shelves, placement of fund.

3.5      Library fundstorage;

3.6   Fund management (regulation of volume and structure of the library fund, and providing information necessary in the management of fund formation)

 3.7  Providing methodological assistance in manning a system catalog to children's libraries according to the table BLK.

Project participants

4.1  Project participants are employees of raion, city central children’s and rural libraries


5. Project implementation period

5.1   Project implementation period: 2016-2017.


6. Project implementation phases

6.1    The project consists of three stages:

Firststage–conduction of preparatory works:

-           Drafting of recommendations on  organization of project, and practical exercises.

- Informing of project organizers of raion, city central libraries by phone about participation in this project.

- The project participant - ensure participation of employees of raion, city central children's libraries in the event held under  project.


Second stage –main works on supervision

-          To improve professional  knowledge of library staff, complete and qualitative satisfaction of information needs.


Expected outcomes

    -       formation of book stock

    -       improve skills and professional level of librarians

    -       Increase the number of library readers and possibility of attracting them

    -        Increase (improve) the library  image library as a modern, information, cultural and educational center


Thirdstage is summarizing the project.

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