South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


Project "Holder of the best registry card"

The motto of the project: Reading a book is a requirement of time, reading a book is glory!

The project "Holder of the best registry card" is held among readers of the library. According to the results of project, winners are determined, who read the book a lot, twice a year (at six months and at the end of the year).


Determine how readers come to the art of reading, broaden their outlook, learn more, feel the splendor of the work of art, evaluate correctly the reading, accustom to use the book in life, work, study

Project tasks:

1. Involving library readers in reading books;


2. Increase the prestige of the library, books and reading books;


3. Determination of the best readers, i.e. "Reading leaders", their awarding;


4. Improving the Creativity of Readers;


5. Formation of an attractive, modern image of  "Reader-pupil" among library  readers;


6. Turn the tradition into an annual contest «Holder of the best registry card».


Actuality of the theme: In order to glorify our sovereign country in the world, in order to live freely in the future, to have dreams come true one must getdeep knowledge. Propagandizethat the main tool for obtaining knowledge is a book. Future citizens of the country must be educated, cultured, and skillful in the modern world. To do this, we have to read a lot to get deep knowledge, to learn news of science, history and art of the country. In this regard, we want to identify an educated, talented "Holder of the best registry card" in 2016 and show as an example to other readers.

Readers come to the library, take necessary materials and supplement knowledge. This place will greatly affect the creative work of pupils.  The library will conduct many events, organize exhibitions. One of the methods to guide readers is the reader's registry card. This includes all the books that the reader receives, as well as notes by the librarian. Therefore, it is planned to determine the holder of the best registry card and award in each half-year.

Substantiation:XXI century - the century of knowledge and science. Program 2030 for development of a new Kazakhstan in the heart of Eurasia is an honor for young people, a nation that can face off a competitive world, in which they show that young people are the core of the nation's intelligence. In order to keep pace of civilization, we must improve quality of education, by enriching human resources. The future is in the hands of educated young people. Guided by the program "Reading Kazakhstan", we want to turn the library into a center for obtaining knowledge, knowledge of science for young people.

Project implemented by:

Departments of readers’ service of oblast children's library named after Y.Altynsarin.

Project implementation: A special commission is created to determine "Holder of the best registry card". Winners are determined twice a year, awarded.  Information about "Holder of the best registry card" is published on the pages of media and on the library's website.


Project implementation period: 2016-2017


Expected outcomes:

-          Increase the number of readers who read a lot, who know the dignity of books;

-          Raise the status and image of the library;

-          To teach regular reading skills in children;

-          Adaptation of younger generation in the social environment, broaden the outlook, enhance creativity, increase the desire for knowledge and  book.

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