South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Organization and implementation of project "Typological model of modern bibliography"



General rules

The project "Typological model of modern bibliography" is implemented according to the plan of regional children's library named after Y. Altynsarin.


The organizer of the project is informative-bibliographic department.

These rules determine the purpose, tasks, requirements and timing of the project.


Objective of the project:

To improve the professional qualifications of librarians in the field of bibliographic services, to provide methodological assistance



Objectives of the project:

- Accumulation of knowledge in the field of bibliographic typology of children's literature ;

Bibliographic terminology. The statement of traditional professional bibliographic terms, to know new terms , the conscious implementation of professional terminology;

-Electronic bibliography

-In order to improve library and bibliographic knowledge, to cooperate with other children's libraries/


Project participants: employees of district and rural children's libraries.

Project implementation period: 2016-2017.


Project terms and conditions

5.1. The project consists of three stages

5.2. The first stage (preparation)

The organizer of the project compiles a list of necessary topics for training participants, prepares group courses and classes, also develops presentations, illustrations other memos.

The organizer of the project notifies the participation of regional children's libraries through e-mail, by phone and on arrival time  RCL workers.


Member of the project, preparing the venue for project, organizes the list of students from librarians of districts and rural children's libraries.



5.3 The second stage (main)

The organizer of the project, having gone to the RCL, after analyzing the professional knowledge, studies the needs of librarian during the training and organizes lectures, classes, lectures, presentations, tests, questionnaires according to project program.

5.4.Third stage (results)

Screening and assessment of professional competence of project participants.

Results of the project (result)

Project participants receive a certificate.

Organizer Summarizes the results of the project.

The results of the project with a picture sent to the site

(Of project "Typological model of modern bibliography"). Videos, photos and brief information are published up to login ukodb on Instagram,and up to login ukodb@  to Facebook . In addition, the outcome of the project are sent to mass-media.

Information about the organizers of the project.

Regional South Kazakhstan Children's Library named after Y. Altynsarin

Information bibliographic section

Shymkent city, Al-Farabi Avenue, 1A

Phone: 8 (7252) 53-96-36

Ahliukova Fayagel Faritovna, manager of informative- bibliographic department/


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