South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

                             The project "Urban and rural readers in fiction"


         We want the future generation to become educated and cultured, since the ХХІ century is the century of science, education, culture. Therefore, one of the tasks facing the countryis organization of the project, focusing on education of children, expanding their knowledge, and raisingtheir desire to expand their knowledge. Attraction of readers of raion children's library to fiction, increase of interest in reading, propaganda of writers' creativity, formation of good qualities of children's characters in the course of training.


 Project tasks:

-          Organization of educational work aimed at effective spending the leisure time for readers jointly  with raion libraries;

-          Provide a group of children, who do not study the book, and promote active learning;

-          Change the point of view of children in reading fiction, explain the effectiveness and usefulness of reading fiction in the organization of leisure;

-          Increasing the role of literature in the spiritual and moral education, in the upbringing of the patriotism of the younger generation;

-          Influence the free thinking of children with the help of fiction, the development of speaking in the artistic and literary language, the outlook.

Actuality of the topic: The most important task of our independent country for today is the upbringing of a comprehensive literate generation. Today's younger generation is the future of tomorrow's independent country, deciding the fate of people. However, at the moment, there are barriers to regular readers. They mostly like computer games, the Internet, watching TV. Winged words of the famous thinker I. Brodsky "When one man does not read it is his tragedy, if millions of people do not read - this is the problem of the whole nation" was repeated several times in the library tribunes. Children, who grew up in the spiritual heritage of nation become not only spiritually mature, intelligent, with a broad outlook, but kind. In the end, the artistic world, works of art demonstrate only moral and spiritual morality and decency.

            Substantiation: The main part of child-rearing practices is to teach them to read. To set the goal to attract readers to the art of reading, to broaden the outlook to learn more, to feel the splendor of a work of art, to assess correctly what has been read, to accustom using a book in life, work, study, and to determine the number of readers who came to the library. The project is implemented jointly with raion children's libraries.


Project Content:

           І-stage - organization

Joint organization of work with the librarians of raion.

Establishing communication with them.


      The choice of fiction, teaching aids, textbooks designed for work with children.


Methods of project implementation: 

- Debate;

- Cognitive hour;

- Read intermittently;

- Exchange of opinions;

-A meeting;

- Literary evening;

- Conclusion of work done under project.


The library, draws attention to the problems of special children, exchanges experience, plans to collect video materials, photo documents, picturesfor the purpose of rising of fiction.


Expected outcomes:

- Educating readers of raion children's library to read fiction;

- Increasing the interest in reading;

- Mastering techniques and methods to speak in a literary language;

- Attracting readers to the library;

- Growth in the issuance of books;

- Significant growth of the fund.

The project's conclusions are published in the press, on the library's websites, on the Internet "You Tube", "Instagram", "Facebook".


Projectimplementationperiod: 2016-2017

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