South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Project "Interest of children to the world of fairy tales"


"In childhood, between the ages of three and twelve, does each person take? Everything necessary for its spiritual development from fairy tales ", - said Y. Altynsarin.

Project "The interest of children in the world of fairy tales" - within a year to promote the problem of reading books of urban, regional, rural readers organize work in the framework of various events.


Objective of the project:

To develop imagination and broaden the horizons of children in rural and regional settlements through world folk tales.

-         Objectives of the project:

-         Familiarization of children with traditions, customs and spiritual culture of other nationalities.

-         To multiply knowledge about fairy-tale heroes.

-         Adaptation to the imagination, to expressive speech, to develop creative abilities.

-         To bring the child's consciousness the basic idea of a fairy tale.

-         To be able to distinguish evil from good and destroy the enemy and cruelty.



Relevance of the topic:

Fairy tales - are tools shaping mental development? Humanity, the consciousness of preschool children. Speaking in Ushinsky's words, fairy tales involve the child in the spiritual world and treasure of the folk.
 In every model of oral literature, there is a huge educational spiritual meaning for the future generation. Therefore, using this rich heritage, we must be able to root positive traits to the children of preschool age. We must never forget that fairy tales teach us to kindness, love, beauty.

Justification: As mentioned above, children receive knowledge, education from fairy tales, that is, when reading books, to reach the pinnacle of knowledge can be achieved with the help of books. Our head of state has many words of edification about knowledge, among them "only the book teaches us to move forward and achieve human Heights " - these inspiring words of the leader of the nation remain in the minds of all the staff of library and have become their life principle.


Content of the project:

- Selection of fairy tales and equipping the developing environment with fairy-tale characters in accordance with teaching operating subjects.

- Using the strategy "If I ..", use fairy-tale characters, as didactic illustrations are in the corresponding areas of education.

 - Through the plot pictures give a description of fairy-tale characters and make up the content of tale?

- With the help of various geometric figures collect fairy-tale characters.

- transmit on sound of music mood, the movement of fairy-tale characters.

Methods of project implementation:

-Click questionnaire

-Read a fairy tale

-Show fabulous characters

-Description of the hero you like

-The lesson on popularization of other nationalities fairy-tales.


Project partners: District, rural, city children's libraries.

Project implementation period: 2016-2017.

Expected results:

- Expanding cognitive abilities of children;

Development of memory and creativity;

Integration of children with representatives of other nationalities, a friendly relationship.

To increase children's interest in the world of fairy tales, to spend their free time with reading books.

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