South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Project«Joint development of needlework in rural libraries»


Project goal:

Encouragement in minds of the younger generation respect and pride for their native people, absorb the national spirit, as well as honor history and art, preserve and respect the traditions of our people

Tasks of project:

-         Together with rural libraries, organize needleworkclubs for free time of readers with benefit;

-         The readers to instill the skills of needlework, to increase interest in art and creativity;

-         Educate children to mobility, strength, flexibility, accuracy and purity;

-         In rural libraries, to organize a club "Skilled hands" for the use of free time with the aim of inculcating a sense of responsibility for young generation, up bring culture, and teaching them how to love and appreciate art;

-         Activities on organization of work to be carried out together with district and rural libraries;

-         In the process of needlework use made of paper: origami, applique, quilling (twisted paper), salty dough, such as clay and available materials.

Actuality of the topic: At present, the library system works to meet the growing needs of people, spiritual wealth, in the development of common abilities, and higher aesthetic tastes. Formation of consciousness among young people to the people and the country, feelings for spiritual values to improve the status of handicraft, understanding the secrets of art, searching, promote to increase cognitive abilities, logical thinking, interest, ability to art.


The project is implemented jointly with the district children's libraries.

Project Content:

Stage I - Organization

Organization of work jointly  with the librarians of the district.

Establish a link with the district libraries.

Stage II: A selection of literature for working with children, magazines and the necessary tools.

- Work on the topic of using colored quilling paper (twisted paper), papier-mache (burnt paper).

- Using colored paper, make an application.

- Create different images from plasticine.

- Brief information on the work done, under the project.

  - Organize exhibitions from handicrafts.

The project implementation period 2016-2017

Expected results:

Aesthetic education of children through needlework;

Increase readers' interest in art and creativity;

Bring readers to the library;

To promote the upbringing of a generation that continues the ancestral traditions and art.

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