South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Project «The best textbook of methodic»



Goals and objectives:


 1. To increase the professionalism of librarians.

2. Identify creative methodologists who wish to share with their colleagues the skill and experience of librarians.

3. Activation of creative potential, innovative activity of librarians.

4. Introduce new library ideas, technologies and types of work into practice.

5. Suggest recommendations for the development of professional skills, self-education and the formation of a fund of methodical benefits in all areas of library activities.


The main directions: recalling the interests and needs of readers, improve library services ; Creation of a common information space, providing users with free access to information, knowledge, culture.



The following methodological materials are accepted into the project:

- methodical-bibliographic manuals

- methodical manual(textbook)

Evaluation of design works:

- relevance to topic and requirements

- actuality of methodical development and auxiliary methodical manuals.

- the manifestation in the course of work of traditional and innovative professional skills and their effective combination.

-training in textbook of methodicof used methods. 

Expected results:

-Creating a continuing education infrastructure in the library;

- Increase the level of professionalism of library staff.

- It is necessary to replenish the library's fund with printed editions in all branches of education.?

Organizer: State communal institution "SKR Children's Library named after Y.Altynsarin "


Participants: section of Children's Library named after Y. Altynsarin

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