South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Director of South- Kazakhstan regional children’s library named after Y.Altinsarin

Begezhanova Zoya Oralbaikyzy

Education - High

Experienceinthelibrary - 7 years

Begezhanova Zoya Oralbaikyzy    was born on May 22, 1961, in village Shagan, Kyzylorda region. In 1968 - 1978 she graduated from Shagan rural secondary school.1978-1984 - graduated from KazCTU with a degree in engineering and technology, 2005-2007, SKHUnamed after M.Auezov, specialty "Accounting and Audit", 2009-2011 SKHU named after M.Auezov,specialty "Library and Bibliography". In 1983 worked as librarian- archivist in the regional newspaper "South Kazakhstan", since 1984 worked as a senior technician in technological sectionTresta in "Orgtehstroy" , in 1985 Engineer in Technological section, 1989 3rd level Engineer, in 1992 a senior engineer at JSC "Yuzhkazilstroy "in 2002 an accountant in LLP" Vic-Nur ", in 2005 chief accountant in Shymkent centralized system of libraries, 2011 a Methodist in methodological department, 2013 worked as a deputy director, in June 2015 a director of regional children library named afterY.Altynsarin.

Tel number: 8 (7252) 21-29-08

Deputy Director of South- Kazakhstan regional children’s library named after Y.Altinsarin

Baydildaeva Akbope Sagyntaikyzy

Education - High

Experienceinlibrary - 23 years


Baydildaeva Akbope Sagyntaikyzy was born on July 15, 1972 in village Sholakorgan,Suzak district in South-Kazakhstan region.

1989 - 93 Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture named after Al-Farabi, specialty is librarian - bibliographer.

High education. She started her seniority in 1993 as a methodologist in Sozak rural central children's library.

1994-2006, bibliographer, leading bibliographer, chief bibliographer at South Kazakhstan Regional Scientific Library named after A.S. Pushkin, 2006 - 2014, head of the department, in 2014, the head of library development departmentin Regional Universal Scientific LibraryOtrar, since January 21, 2014deputy director of regional children's library named after Y. Altynsarin.

Tel number: 8 (7252) 55-11-02


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