South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

INFORMATION about the oblast children's library named after   

Y. Altynsarin


South Kazakhstan oblast children's librarynamed after Y. Altynsarin was founded in 1961. In 1976, the library was named in honor of the great Kazakh scientist, folklorist, teacher and educator YbyrayAltynsarin. The library is an information and communication center giving knowledge, as well as a center for the effective use of free time. Director – Begezhanova Zoya Oralbaikyzy.

The main directions of the library:

-  To show the library in a modern, convenient format as a large, multifunctional, information and analytical center that will be available to all residents of SKO;

-  To educate a highly qualified reader with a rich soul, with deep requests, with good knowledge;

-  Providing access to information for harmonious development of individual, formation of an equal society, provision of library servicesof high quality;

-  Upbringing  of youth to the values of national and world culture;

- Providing a complete reply to a demanding reader;

- Development of the library as an innovative and methodical center;

Since the structure of library has its own characteristics, there are 7 departments, 2 sectors, working closely with each other. In particular:

-  Information bibliographic department;

-  Department for collection, processing of documentation and organization of catalogs;

-  Department of library process automation;

-  Department of innovative and methodical work;

-  Department of literature in the field of art;

-  Department of rendering assistance to children of preschool age and primary classes;

-  Department of service of children  at the middle and high school;

-  Control and registration sector;

-  Storage sector of the main base.

       The library serves annually more than 26 thousand readers; they are issued about 500 thousand different books and documents. Readers of library: pupils of preschool age, grades 1-9 and heads of child's education (parents, educators, teachers). The service delivery system is organized according to the age characteristics of users.

       At the moment, the book fund is 251224 copies, and the book fund in Kazakh language is 87609 copies. Here there are the best world literature for children, contemporary fiction (domestic and foreign), industrial and reference literature that helps the educational process, audio and video materials, electronic publications.

            In 2000, introduction of new information technologies for development of e library and bibliographic process began, computer and copying equipment was obtained.

            In 2002, Republican Automated Library Information System (RABIS) was introduced and is operating. According to "RABIS" system,  the software  "Administration", "Cataloguator" were put into operation.

In 2004, the republican regional seminar "New directions for working with children in rural libraries" was held.

In 2005, the library connected the Internet system. At the present, a local computer system is connected, which unites 43 personal computers.

In 2005, a competition was held for the best publication to promote the program "Cultural Heritage" in children's libraries.

In the years 2005-2009, the library worked on the program "Book and Family".

In 2006, the Web page of library and e-mail ukodb@mail.rucreated.

In 2007 the department of development and new technologies was opened, the Internet class began rendering services to readers.

In 2007, the work of section "Book capital - 2007" of the international conference "Historical cultural heritage as a resource for formation of patriotic consciousness in children and youth"was held.

In 2007-2010 the project of modernization of OCB named after Y. Altynsarin was carried out.

In 2008, the readers’ registration sector, a corner of psychological assistance, a corner of foreign literature was created.

In 2008, oblast creative contest was held called "With a heart about the motherland ..." of akyns aged 12-15.

In the years of2007-2008, the contest among oblast children's libraries "The best exhibition of books of the year" was organized.

In 2009, thesoftware "Readers’ registration", "Search. View. Application" on RABIS system.

In 2009, anoblastmushayra of young akyn-girls was held called "Hanbibi’s Sisters making a diamond from the poem" in honor of the 60th anniversary of HanbibiEsenkaraikyzy.

In 2010, they began to work in the direction of issuing books to readers through bar codes and storing the book fund, automation of control.

In 2010, an oblast essay contest was held among the library staff "I and My Library".

In 2011, an action of free access to the Internet "Zone of accessible Web space" was organized.

In 2011, the project of creating a media center of library was put into effect.

In 2011, a competition was organized among oblast children's libraries' employees "The best regional bibliographic tool".

In 2011, in honor of the 50th anniversary, the republican-regional council "Library - the center for creative and intellectual development of children" was organized.

In 2011, the republican council was held named "Library - the center for creative and intellectual development of children" dedicated to the 50th anniversary of library within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2012, large-scale events began in the framework of project "Labouris the decisive people's factor" on the concept of library "20 steps depending on the society of universal labor".

In 2013, conduction of work on transfer of the books of local direction to digital format began. And also an online conference "North and South: a teleconference bridge " was held jointly with oblast children's library named after G. Musrepov in the North Kazakhstan oblast.

In 2014, a virtual reference guide for readers of library was put into effect. In the same year, an oblastcontest was organized by the library calledAbai’s reading "If you are looking for aprecious word, read Abay, do not be lazy."

In 2015, in honor of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, anoblast essay contest "To honor the Kazakh khanate - respect for histories" was held;

- Historical march "The amazing feats of Tauke Khan";

- Anoblast contest entitled "I learn the World through a book" was held among readers reading a lot.

- A full-text database "Poets and Writers of South Kazakhstan" was created.

In 2016, in accordance with calendar plan of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of oblast administration and oblast culture department, an oblast contest-exhibition "One poem - one figure" was held among young artists on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Kazangap Baiboluly organized by the oblastchildren's library  Y. Altynsarin and the oblast  Fine Arts Museum.

In order to increase the activity of rural libraries:

- "The road to childhood with a book";

- "The best event of the year";

-"Computer literacy";

- "Reading books - the way leading to success"

- "The best methodological instruction";

- "Urban and rural readers in fiction";

- "Children's interest in the world of fairy tales";

- "Let's develop craft in rural libraries";

- "Typological sample of modern bibliography";

- Projects, works "Formation of technologies of the children's library book fund" are being implemented.

In addition, 25 events were planned and held in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the library.

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of library, a conference "Library in the New Information Society" was held.

In 2017, an oblast contest "Cradle of Turks - Turkestan" was conducted among readers reading a lot "I learn the World through a book".

            OCL is the methodical center of raion children's libraries, which provides books and access to information. Children's libraries in the scope of oblast organize consultations, trainings and visits as methodical practical assistance.


34 children's libraries render services in the South Kazakhstan oblast. Including:

Oblastchildren's Library-1;

• Centralized children's library -15;

• Regional children's library - 2;

Rural children's library - 2;

• Departments - 14.

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