South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


We are wise by the wise man BOOK.

The country of the wise men is LIBRARY.

Oblast children's library using a single fund ??and reference and search equipment, provides information and reference-bibliographic services.

Target areas of library service:

Types of services:

Reading room of business literature

Room for effective use of time



A corner of literature in foreign languages

Clubs of interest

o   "Balapan"

o   "Young reader"

o   "Orken"

o   Academy of Young Artists

o   "The World of Music"

o   "English language club"

o   Video club "Balakay"

Reference and information services

Types of copying and computer services

In the oblast children's library you will get the following opportunities:

1. Possibilities of immersion in the wonderful world of books

2. A large amount of auxiliary literature on the school curriculum

3. Rest and relax with friends over reading cognitive-fascinating magazines and newspapers.

4. View or participate in public events.

5. Participation in clubs and clubs on interests

6. Use of Internet and electronic resources

7. Read books and broadening of outlook

8. Effective use of leisure

9. Acquiring new friends

Here you are waited with pleasure, we are ready to help!

Справочник Шымкента,