South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan

In the regional children's library after Y.Altynsarin a cognitive party "Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan" was held in the direction of "Spiritual Renaissance - the Future of the Nation". Teachers of school № 66 "Kazygurt" and 5th form pupils took part in the evening. Purpose: To acquaint pupils with historical heritage of Kazakhstan, to raise their interest in culture and upbringing. Students are divided into seven groups during the cognitive activities. One child from each group came out and pulled out the envelope with the name of the band from the basket. The envelopes contain the names of seven lights in the sky: Neptune, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Sholpan. At the table, seven miracles of Kazakhstan were marked in numerical terms: Tamgaly stone, Golden Man, Kazakh yurta, Dombra, Yassawi mausoleum, Mangystau underground mosque and Astana-Baiterek. In the first assignment, a group of children from each group pulled out a hook that gave them full details about one of the seven wonders of their own country, telling them what the number of seven miracles on the table was about to be numbered. In the second task, the pupil, who was the first to say the answer, formed seven new wonders of the universe through puzzles. Further, this slide filled up knowledge about seven miracles of Kazakhstan and seven new miracles of the universe. Pupils, who took an active part in the end of the educational party, were awarded with letters.

Справочник Шымкента,