South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


The Latin alphabet is a path of spiritual independence

The regional library named after Y.Altynsarin held a roundtable titled "Latin alphabet - way of spiritual independence", organized within the framework of the mission of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to translate the Kazakh language into Latin script in the program article "Orientation to the future: spiritual renewal". The round table was attended by Ospanova Aisulu Toyshibekovna, a teacher of the Kazakh language specialist of the Shymkent language teaching and methodical center, teachers of secondary school № 10 named after Ak-batyr, and 10th form pupils. Purpose: To extend students' awareness about the importance of the Latin alphabet. During the round table the director of the library A.S.Baydildayeva gave a welcoming speech and presented the speech of the Kazakh language specialist Ospanova Aisulu Toyshibekovna to Shymkent city language teaching and methodical center. Aisulu Toishybekovna tells readers about the Latin alphabet, the origin of the first alphabet, the distribution of the world among the people, the use and the necessity of the alphabet in the modern world, and the importance of the transition to Latin script of the Kazakh alphabet, reflecting on the modernization projects of the President in the article "Orientation to the future: spiritual revival". commented on the work being done on this Latin alphabet.

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