South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


Youth of the eternal country

The intellectual competition "Youth of eternal country" was held in the regional children's library after Y.Altynsarin for the declaration by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev of the year 2019 as the "Year of Youth". Teachers and pupils of school-lyceum № 52 and general secondary schools №16. "Mangilik Yel" is the national idea of our common Kazakhstani shanyrak. Our ancestors had dreamed for thousands of years. It was a dream that would be an independent state that would be in a relationship with countries in the world, which would be worn out of the world map. Arman became the truth. The next generation is the eternal Kazakh son. Our President N.A.Nazarbayev noted that "Eternal Kazakhstan's project is a perfect example of a new era in the history of the country", and this road will be the most honorable, the most prestigious way to turn our country into eternal land. This path is a patriotic way to inspire our people, to exert their dignity and their will. Therefore, the fulfillment of his duties must be based on the development of the upbringing of the generations. Development of students' knowledge level, vocabulary. The competition, held in order to educate young people in patriotic spirit, consisted of 4 stages. They were named "Knowledge Reader's Future", "The Intellectual Ring", "Color Me" and "The Book's Bingo". The youth of the Eternal Country, the "Solidarity" team, with which the "Alghyrlar" team, accompanied by them, were active and criticized their knowledge. At the "Knowledge Reader's Future," each group leader acquainted his group members with their slogans, choosing cells through the themes presented in the "Intelligent Ring" and answering questions. During the period of "Book Bingo", she read an extract from the work and found the author and the title of the piece she read while drawing the proverbs and sayings about education, work and youth. Participating teams have proved that they have read a lot of books and that they are creative and talented. Director of the Library Baydildaeva Akbope Sagyntaevna summed up the competition and the team "Alghyrlar" won the first place and won the second place "Bilimpazarlar" team, congratulating the youth on the victory and giving them letters of gratitude.

Справочник Шымкента,