South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin


The Hiroshima art is intense

In the regional children's library named after I. Altynsarin devoted to the 160th anniversary of the poet, Zhyrau Murun Sengirbayevich. Pushkin and Grade 6 pupils of school gymnasium № 25 named after T.Ryskulov. The reader will have the ability to develop good human qualities through the use of intelligent and intelligent words, the power of speech and the word of the word, respect for the greatness of the reader, the feeling of pride in the reader, the selflessness of the pieces, the admiration of the poems, patriotism, patriotism, patriotism and patriotism, our group of readers introduced themselves to the theme "Who is faster?" during the song contest "Zerde" and "Birlik" "The Forty Heroes of Crimea" by heart poems М.Señgirbayulі say, the theme of "Rocket questions" competed to answer questions of the life and work of the poet. The proverbs and sayings "If you are resourceful then find it out", and the winning team were awarded diplomas.

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