South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Section of Arts.

Room of effective use of time.

In our library, there is a room of effective

Use of time.

For inspired person there is all

If you want to build a house,

Or you are inspired to sing

We Can help you,

Countless numbers of magazines,

Even to do

Homework assignments

Section: consists of subscription and a hall for effective use of time. Readers can use any publications they like (newspapers and magazines).

In the hall of effective use of time there are permanent book exhibitions "Do it yourself", "The Source of Clean Art". During a year all books and documents in book exhibitions are regularly updated.

In the section, readers as an auxiliary source can use the card on an electronic medium, a systematic catalog of music publications, alphabetical index, music libraries (records), video libraries ​​(video clips). In addition, they can watch movies and cartoons, and also will be able to listen to music cassettes and CDs.

In order to increase the children's interest in fine arts, music and literature, also in order to increase cognitive abilities, aesthetic taste, and interest in cultural reading there are clubs "Academy of Young Artists" and "Music World".

Справочник Шымкента,