South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

                                                    Department of innovative and methodical work

Department of Innovative and Methodological Work is a methodical and practical center for libraries of children's service in the South-Kazakhstan oblast. DIMW is the coordinator of internal structural departments.

The department carries out methodological work in all areas of activity:

• Restoration of partnerships with institutions;

• Preparation of strategic plans;

• Professional training of library staff;

• Implementing partner services with children's and community libraries;

• Management of work in the library;

• Introduction of advanced and new types in the work of library;

• Provision of consulting and methodological assistance;

The main tasks of department are:

• Management of library and bibliographic movement;

• Processing of normative and regulatory documentation;

• Control over development of information base with carrying out analysis;

• Forming the image of the library;

• Organization of a system for improving the skills of library staff;

• Introduction of certain modern information techniques;

• Improvement of actual problems of library services of modern cultural situation in methodological central libraries and cultural institutions for young users

• Identification, collection and implementation of interesting and advanced models of library services in raion, oblast, republican and other countries of the near and far abroad for young users

In order to provide methodological and practical assistance, the department organizes meetings, training courses, competitions, projects, trips to children's libraries. During the year, it produces methodological and bibliographic tools covering various areas of library services. Within the framework of library projects it works with raion, city children's libraries. Events are organized from an innovative point of view.

There are 34 children's libraries in the South Kazakhstan oblast. Including:

Oblastchildren's Library-1;

• Centralized children's library -15;

• Regional children's library - 2;

Rural children's library - 2;

• Departments - 14.

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