South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Automation section


Forewarned is forearmed,

Who owns the information, owns the world.


 The library automation department was established in February 2007. This section includes monitoring and registration sector, Internet class.

The section is engaged in the introduction of new technologies in the work of the library, the preservation of technical equipment and copies of local systems, as well as resources and initial data.

Employees of the section are engaged in the field of research and advertising services in the following positions:

• Use of Internet to obtain information, as well as research methodical developments for computer systems;

• Providing library systems with an automated program software «RABIS»;

• Organization of an automated library system in children's libraries, and assistance in implementing;

• Training of librarians in computer basics and various softwares;

• Preparation of various advertising editions (advertising leaflets, booklets) and in various directions to promote the work of section, with the introduction of modern information technologies.

       For users of Internet class libraries there are complex information services (lamination, binding, copying, scanning, e-mail, copying to disk, etc.).

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