South - Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library named Y.Altynsarin

Customer Service Department

Priority directions of library service of readers: to actively promote the teaching process of school; differentiated service on the level of readers; teach, explain to the reader how to obtain new information, how to use the information device (catalogs, card indexes).

The main tasks of service departments are to improve the level of children service system. Meeting the demands of readers quickly and qualitatively.

The fund of children service departments can be used by preschool children, students, parents, managers and employees of the library.

The main group of readers of our library ispupils and children of preschool age. Students can use the services of library to perform homework, to search for information and for various purposes.

The daily work of service department is to arrange books by industry, the registration of returned books, informing readers, and contributing to increase of information knowledge.

In the service departments, book exhibitions are held, dedicated to significant dates, memory days, topical issues. The reader who visits the library for the first time feels that he is visiting a house of books. Read the rules of using the library. The most important discipline is to take care of books and treat respectfully with other readers.

The reader is registered with a personal document. Children under 16 years of age are recorded by a document of their parents or relatives who confirm to be responsible for the child. The responsible person should familiarize himself with rules and responsibilities in the document (application), then take responsibility for himself. Readers can take 3 copies of books issued for 15 days. In the event that the reader does not have time to read the book on time, if another user does not need that book, he can extend the period. Readers can use the services of subscription and reading rooms.

Here, children, teenagers and the whole family can not only read all the publications, but also participate in various events, competitions, meetings with many famous interesting people (writers, artists, singers, etc.), have an opportunity to learn a lot of news from encyclopedia, read books of interesting content, book exhibitions, stands, booklets.

Dear reader! You will find answers to many questions through a book in our library, you can complete a school task for excellent marks, and also have an opportunity to spiritual rest, communicate with friends, play interesting games.

Справочник Шымкента,